Why Should White Guys Have All the Wealth?

Cedric Nash

Why haven’t other books made you a millionaire?

Why Should White Guys Have All the Wealth? digs into why you find it hard to do what you need to do with your money to become a millionaire and shows you how to push past it.

Yes, there’s tons of information on personal finance, but Nash’s M$M wealth-building system integrates the steps you need to develop the right mindset, adopt the right values, and make the right money moves. Designed to make you a millionaire, it will mobilize your financial state even if you’re starting from the bottom.

Learn how to take what you have and earn more so you can invest in securities, real estate, entrepreneurship, and alternative investments that will build real wealth and lifelong income for yourself and future generations.

Through stories, humor, and real-world grit, you’ll feel like you’re spending a casual afternoon with your favorite uncle or mentor who happens to be a multi-millionaire and wants to help you become one too.

It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from today!

Start here. Start now. Build wealth. Close the racial gap.

Cedric Nash is an investor, wealth coach, Founder, and CEO of Oakland Consulting Group, providing a range of Enterprise IT Services. His companies earn a combined revenue of $90M with over 300 employees. Oakland has been recognized as an Inc. 500/5000 fastest growing company, as a Black Enterprise 100 Industrial Company, and by many others.

Nash also serves as President and Founder of the Black Wealth Summit, a non-profit organization sponsored by top financial services firms, committed to providing African Americans with wealth-building tools and techniques to aid in closing the wealth gap. Learn more at CedricNash.com.

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