Brigitte Piniewski MD

Today’s healthcare system routinely sells your private details for remarkable sums of money. It is grounded in our current, inherently flawed web2 world of corporately owned services. In a web3 world, your privacy and health data are yours alone. Wealthcare is your window into that tomorrow.

Crypto, decentralized blockchains, NFTs, and the ownership economy of web3 hold the future of healthcare. Discover how the metaverse provides innovative business models that are poised to revolutionize the way society approaches health. Wealthcare envisions what healthcare and wellness may look like when accidental wellness is a thing of the past.

As web3 technology reshapes finance, supply chain, social media, and other industries, Wealthcare presents a clear case for including healthcare privacy and innovation within this new reality. It explores areas where future transformation is possible and shines a light in places where it is already happening.

Brigitte Piniewski, MD, is a physician, ex-healthcare executive, researcher, author, and angel investor who has witnessed healthcare from every angle. She provides investor education in web3 technologies, articulating an urgent need for health transformation and the pivotal achievements that new technological approaches are likely to produce. She is a strategic advisor and subject matter expert for Nex Cubed, a leader in early-stage innovation and startup acceleration that invests in, accelerates, and scales frontier tech companies. She has worked with founders from Singapore, Korea, and North America. Dr. Piniewski received her medical degree from the University of British Columbia and McGill University, Canada. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

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