We the People: Restoring Civility, Sanity, and Unifying Solutions to U.S. Politics

H. Edward Wynn

Have you had enough?

Enough of political extremists and insiders who want to silence and divide us so they can dominate the debate and impose their agendas? Enough of the personal attacks and self-serving spin they use to hide the truth, complicate the system, and keep us on the sidelines?

As a nation, we’ve become increasingly divided and uncivil. But we’ve always had the power to reclaim our government, find common ground, and solve our biggest problems—even if we didn’t know it.

In We the People, Ed Wynn simplifies US politics and reveals what political extremists and insiders don’t want you to know:

  • How to get the truth and the facts we need to hold our governments accountable
  • How to stop the silencing of moderate voices and end verbal violence
  • How to discover practical, unifying solutions to the most important issues we face

We the People. A phrase so important that it’s the first three words of our Constitution. Together, we have the power to restore our government to serve us all—it’s time we use it.

Press & Praise

Patrick J Banks, PhD, President, Banks International, LLC

"I cannot remember when I last had much interest in how our government really works, especially how politics, and its spin, can pollute that curiosity. Yet, I could not put Ed's book down. Ed's sharp and spot-on insights, his brilliant aptitude for simplifying complex issues, and his unfading courage in expertly tackling such a polemic subject, has rekindled my curiosity and re-anchored my commitment to act upon any deviation of a 'We The People' orientation. His extensive experience in the subject matter is clearly identifiable. I now have another treasure for my personal library."

Jody Michael, MCC, BCC, Founder and CEO, Jody Michael Associates

"Ed Wynn makes people squirm — in the very best of ways. Unflinching and unbiased — but not without compassion — he simplifies layers of complexity into practical insights. For years, I have witnessed Ed's remarkable success in the government and the private sector. I am personally heartened to see his non-partisan wisdom enter the public discourse at a time when we desperately need fresh perspective."

H. Edward Wynn

For more than three decades, H. Edward Wynn has helped governments and companies discover and implement solutions to complex, often divisive issues. He’s worked in all branches and levels of government, and with both Republicans and Democrats. A Truman Presidential Scholar, Ed has a political science degree, summa cum laude, from the University of Illinois and a law degree, magna cum laude, from Georgetown. Most importantly, Ed’s not a political insider, and he’s willing to call out any side on its BS.

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