True Love and Suffering

Pavel Ythjall

After only a year of marriage, Pavel Ythjall found himself staring into the eyes of a neurosurgeon who told him point-blank: “Your wife will be paralyzed, neck down, for life.”

At the time, Pavel had a broken neck too. His vertebrae were supported by a halo screwed directly into his skull. A tragic accident on the way to a Christmas party had changed their lives forever.

They had no family to help them. The doctor predicted Kat would find a way to kill herself, despite the paralysis. As reality sank in, everyone thought Pavel would leave her. But he was their only hope of discovering a new way to move forward—together.

A beautiful, heart-wrenching story of trauma, love, grace, and the ultimate meaning of life, True Love and Suffering was born from the global movement around Pavel and Kat’s incredible journey. Join thousands around the world who have discovered their own strength, resilience, and hope for true love through the inspiring lives of these two heroes.

Press & Praise

Lacey Marie

The fires in your souls burn so bright when the two of you are together, and it shows in your eyes. Thank you for sharing such raw emotion and the divine aspects of the light and dark side of love with the world.

Neurosurgeon for Kat & Pavel

Through the example of both of you, you demonstrate the beauty in life.

Etna Mares

You two are the best example I have come across that identifies true love: your relentless commitment to her and her outpouring of will, power, and drive to live.

Pavel Ythjall is one of the top contemporary photographers for women in fitness in America. He came to the United States from Sweden to pursue the American dream. He was well on his way when tragedy struck.

Kat was a major in the US Air Force. An American born and raised in Belize, she was an avid fitness enthusiast, marathoner, and triathlete, earning pro status with the International Federation of Bodybuilding.

Today, Kat runs a family home command station for Pavel and their four Yorkies, managing her caregivers while taking online classes for a second master’s degree in psychology.

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