The Survival Guide to Working with Your Spouse

Brad Casebier

Running a business with your spouse is a high-stakes game. You can’t afford to lose either one—your business or your marriage.

But statistics are not in your favor. More often than not, this journey leads to an endless loop of scraping by with no clear way out. The dream of success fades into disillusionment and resentment. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Brad and Sarah Casebier built a simple plumbing and air conditioning company from nothing into $33 million in annual revenue, dominating the Austin market and sweeping the “Austin’s Best” awards year after year.

Now Brad shares the key decisions they made along the way, shaping the booming success of their business and deepening their love in the process.
Learn how to be co-creators of a thriving business as you build your relationship along with your financial security. The Survival Guide to Working with Your Spouse provides all the tools you need to win in business and still want to share a bed.

Press & Praise

Keith J. Cunningham, author of The Road Less Stupid

Brad and Sarah have accomplished the remarkable! Having worked with them at a board level for several years, I can assure you they have done what they teach...and it works! Not only have they created an outstanding business together, their partnership is as solid in their home as it is in the office...Very rare these days. Pay close attention to their advice...It works!

Roy H. Williams, Founder of the American Small Business Institute and author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling Wizard of Ads trilogy

Brad and Sarah donated all the plumbing for the headquarters of the American Small Business Institute. They had only two or three trucks at the time, but I'll never forget their answers when I asked them, 'How will you measure success?'

Brad said, 'I just want people to be happy. When a person isn't happy, I'll do whatever it takes to make them glad they called our company.'

Sarah said, 'Complete domination of Austin.' That's when I knew Brad and Sarah were going to be an unstoppable success machine. Having married my own counterpart—my best friend—more than thirty years earlier, I was fully aware of what a united couple can do when they hold on tightly to each other.

If you read only one book this year, make sure it's this one.

Brad Casebier was a typical struggling small business owner who discovered that partnering with his wife gave them both a superpower to grow something truly remarkable together. Like all married business partners, he and his wife, Sarah, quickly discovered that working together while maintaining a fulfilling relationship was going to require some changes.

Brad and Sarah’s humble beginnings and their belief that anything is possible are proof that the American dream still exists. The Survival Guide to Working with Your Spouse shares the changes that worked for them so that you, too, can build an amazing future.

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