The Simple Plan

Chris Perron

How does a person live a healthy life? We’re surrounded by conflicting, complicated answers to this question. If you feel that the advice around living a healthier life is too confusing, time-consuming, and daunting, you’re not alone.

The Simple Plan: 7 Habits for Healthy Living eliminates this confusion. Renowned chiropractor and health coach Dr. Chris Perron has compiled a comprehensive, realistic list that brings solutions within everyone’s reach. Each habit is practical and beneficial on its own, but the real magic is in implementing all seven habits.

Developed through more than twenty-five years in practice, Dr. Perron’s health and wellness advice puts a healthy life within everyone’s reach. His unique teaching style incorporates entertaining, enlightening stories from his life and experiences. From proper chiropractic care to maintaining headspace, Dr. Perron offers powerful, direct guidelines loaded with benefits. If you’re ready to live a better life, reading this book should be your first step.

Press & Praise

Dr. Mehmet Oz on the Simple Plan community

You need a crowbar to get people to pay attention and change their lives. Testimonials from individuals work really well. Don't undersell the importance of communities. When you have a chronic condition that is destroying your quality of life, and you're looking for a solution and someone's found it, you're helping them.

Claudia Perron, Dr. Perron's mother and the motivation for The Simple Plan

On June 8, 2020, I suffered a major heart attack. I thought I ate healthy, but the pounds just added on over the years to where I was 175 pounds. I tried diets and lost weight but gained it back because the diets were too extreme to follow long term. After my heart attack, my son Dr. Chris Perron created a plan for me that appeared simple, though there was initially effort to change my habits. Two years later, I have been eating great, living a full life, and maintaining a weight of 132 pounds! I plan to follow his Simple Plan forever, and I am excited he decided to share it with you.

Dannie De Novo, attorney and happiness expert

Two years after spinal surgery, I could barely walk, let alone pick up my four-year-old daughter, due to pain. I hadn't had a good night's sleep in years, and I put on a lot of weight. I had tried everything I could think of but was told by doctors I would suffer from this pain the rest of my life. Dr. Perron had me living pain free within three weeks of his first chiropractic treatment! He then introduced me to the rest of his Simple Plan, and it has given me my life back. I am riding my horse, working out, sleeping well, shedding the extra pounds, and on my way back to my previous athletic body. I now feel inspired and full of energy as I look at my life, and I'm amazed by the extreme change in just a few months. I am so grateful!

Dr. Chris Perron is the founder and owner of Perron Chiropractic, a high-energy and patient-centered practice located in Reston, VA, just outside of Washington, DC. He has held his doctor of chiropractic for over two decades, healing and restoring patients since 1996. His dedication to making the complex easy for thousands of patients has resulted in one of the most successful practices in his profession. Perron has coached peers around the country, teaching patient treatment best practices and the value of genuine communication. He was honored as 2021’s Chiropractor of the Year by his peers in the state of Virginia.

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