The Quantum Leap

Roger Bejjani

Humanity’s strength as a species is about to become our downfall.

Due to the size of our population and our increasing life expectancy, humanity is facing an existential threat—one that will cause our world model to collapse by the middle of the twenty-first century.

You don’t have to look hard to see it. Humanity’s dashboard is lighting up with warnings: environmental, financial, social, and demographic. Our planet is on borrowed time.

Intellectuals around the globe are sounding the alarm, building awareness of these catastrophic problems, but we lack a consistent strategy to reverse our current momentum.

The Quantum Leap presents a case study of a new model—a silver bullet that could change our trajectory, yielding intelligent, long-term solutions to all the threats we’re facing today.

With a New Universal Model, we can prevail.

Press & Praise

Carlos Ghosn, former Chairman and CEO of the largest conglomerate of car manufacturers (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi)

"Globalization is a long-lasting dynamic. It will lead, sooner or later, to a world governance system. The Quantum Leap offers stimulating food for thought on how it may look. A must-read for those who care."

Roger Bejjani is a veteran of the Lebanese Civil War, a fervent marathoner, and an entrepreneur. He has worked alongside German, French, Turkish, and US partners in health insurance management throughout the Middle East, Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus under MedNet and NEXtCARE.

His son, Bachir, is a victim of Duchenne de Boulogne muscular dystrophy. Now thirty-eight, Bachir has far outlived his projected life span thanks to his astonishing mind and tremendous character, built over a lifetime of confronting this debilitating disease. The Quantum Leap is a product of the conversations between father and son in their joint effort to contribute to the global dialogue for the betterment of humanity.

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