The Not-Enough Wife

Jolene Winn

Ladies, have you ever felt that you weren’t enough?

Not pretty enough…not talented enough…not sexy enough…not mom enough…

The “not-enough wife” is stuck trying to be everything in her life. And no matter how hard she tries, the feeling of not-enough remains. Well, it is time to stop. Looking outside yourself will never solve how you feel about yourself on the inside.

In The Not-Enough Wifelife coach Jolene Winn teaches you how to start seeing yourself for who you are rather than who you think you’re supposed to be. Using her own journey as a guide, and with plenty of self-deprecating humor to keep you entertained, Jolene walks you through the lessons she learned from a lifetime of body image issues, the constant pressures of social media, her miscarriage, and her marital challenges after learning of her husband’s pornography addiction.

If you’re tired of looking outside of yourself for validation or self-worth, you can stop looking. Because it’s already in you. Jolene’s stories will help you make that mental shift from “knowing” you are enough, to actually believing it. Because every “not-enough wife” deserves to see she doesn’t have to be everything—she just has to be herself.

Jolene Winn is a God-fearing, America-loving, rock ‘n’ roll hippie living a traditional suburban life. A typical day includes lifting weights at 6:00 a.m., raising five beautiful babies with her husband Rob, and helping women through The Porn Addict’s Wife podcast and group coaching program she created.

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