The No B.S. Small Business Book

Casey Graham

Most business books are filled with B.S.

“Hack this!” “10X that!” “Guaranteed!”

But the business success you want isn’t hidden inside thousands of buzzwords.

Massive success only comes when you get massively clear about the one outcome you can control in your business: YOU.

In The No B.S. Small Business Book, you will learn how to get ruthlessly honest about yourself, your business, and what you really want from both—and how to get it.

You’ll roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, applying practical business strategies gleaned from decades of experience building and exiting successful companies.

If you want to gain massive traction from achieving massive clarity as you take massive action at all levels of business and life as a no-B.S. business owner, then buckle up…

This is the business book you’ve been waiting for.

Press & Praise

Jeff Goins, bestselling author of Real Artists Don't Starve

Here's the no-B.S. truth: this is the book I wish I'd had before I started my business. Why? Because I paid Casey $30,000 for this advice, and the book would have been cheaper. And that's only chapter one. Don't let the simplicity here fool you. This sh*t works.

Perry Marshall, author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing and Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

Most business books are dreadfully predictable. Many are written by posers. This one's the exception. Casey delivers the face-punch that forces you to get real with yourself for the first time.

Amy Porterfield, entrepreneur and host of the top-rated podcast Online Marketing Made Easy

Buy two because you won't want to let go of yours. Casey's approach is honest, gritty, and backed by a proven track record. The stories of his mistakes (and how to avoid them) are priceless lessons you won't want to miss. Read this book if you want to get clear on what you want from your business, what you want in your business, and what you don't. It's that simple yet can be life-changing if you do the work.

Casey Graham is a lifelong entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Gravy Solutions, the first and only payment recovery solution for subscription-based businesses. Graham founded and sold three companies prior to launching Gravy in 2017. Most notable was Graham’s successful exit of The Rocket Company in 2015 after making the Inc. 5000 list three years in a row.

Graham prides himself not only on achieving unconventional success that owners can emulate but on being best known as a family man. He’s been married to his wife, Kacie, since 2004, and they have two children: Darby and Gage. When he’s not actively leading Gravy, you can find him fishing, enjoying a good cigar, or watching Alabama football.

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