The Little Book of Big Scale

John Hittler

Historically, only one in ten companies succeed at scaling using the current standard growth practices. So why would anyone copy that formula to succeed?

What if you could dramatically increase your odds of success simply by engaging in counterintuitive growth practices? Methods like hiring exclusively for talent rather than culture fit or having a single directive as the company’s core value.

With insights drawn from more than 275 CEO interviews, the approaches in The Little Book of Big Scale focus entirely on counterintuitive methods for growing your business. Meet the CEOs who are successfully scaling, see how they’re doing it, and—most importantly—learn why they choose to go against the herd to counterintuitively create scale.

John Hittler shares practices that are effective at every stage of growth, from a small startup to a large company pursuing an IPO. He and the successful CEOs interviewed will teach you how to alter your approach to scaling so you can create and implement a custom scaling plan for your unique organization.

John Hittler is a transformational business coach and owner of Evoking Genius coaching firm. John’s genius talent is creating seemingly impossible outcomes that address multiple diverse agendas. He has worked with over two hundred companies and has helped more than eight thousand people discover their unique genius talent. He’s a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, author of The Motivation Trap, and an in-demand corporate speaker. John resides in San Jose, California, and is a happily married father of seven, an extreme athlete, and a dedicated volunteer in the field of domestic violence. He can be reached at

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