The Battery-Powered Home

Greg Smith

Do you size, design, or sell solar and storage systems? Would your customers consider those systems 100 percent successful?

Pick up The Battery-Powered Home and turn your solar and storage customers into the best lead generators you could ask for.

Written by a solar-and-storage technical trainer with more than thirteen years of experience, The Battery-Powered Home identifies the most common industry mistakes that lead to unhappy customers, lost revenue, and diminished reputation.

Learn how to avoid these pitfalls and delight your customers, properly sizing and designing each solar and storage system while informing and driving your customers’ expectations.

The companies that follow these proven strategies report success rates as high as 100 percent, with dramatically fewer service calls and far happier homeowners.

Grab your copy of The Battery-Powered Home and feel confident that each new customer will have a solar and storage system that can keep the power on for as long as they need.

Press & Praise

Craig Page, Partner, Optimize EGS

"Greg Smith is one of the guys that I trust most in the solar industry. I have known Greg for five years. He has earned my respect due to his vast technical knowledge. I trust that if Greg wrote it, it's good!"

Scott Woodman-Evans, Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives, World Renewable Energy Association

"Greg has a superb understanding of solar PV and an infectious and obvious passion that easily relates to solar installers, designers, and utility engineers alike. I personally worked closely with Greg for a highly successful e-Feature published in July 2014 that he authored, "Optimizing PV Systems--Inverters," which has generated over 189,000 unique downloads to date. Thanks to Greg's expertise and natural ability to translate technical data, he is highly regarded by our network as a well-respected source of information and advice for our members."

Bates Marshall, CEO and Co-Founder, Ambient Photonics, Inc.

"Greg is a passionate customer advocate and tireless educator. His approach, demeanor, and subject-matter expertise garner huge respect from customers, who seek him out by name at industry conferences and training events. Greg is always careful to maintain high levels of trust with customers, which makes him a powerful force for marketing and sales."

Greg Smith is a professional speaker and trainer with more than thirteen years of experience working for solar and storage companies. He has trained thousands of people, including installers, engineers, electrical inspectors, and homeowners.

An industry-recognized expert in solar and storage concepts, installation best practices, and stellar customer relationships, Greg has been quoted in every major industry magazine and has shared his knowledge as a guest speaker for Solar Energy International, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, the California Solar & Storage Association, and numerous radio programs and podcasts, including Sean White’s Solar and Energy Storage Podcast.


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