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Do you wish your employees felt more energized and engaged? Would you like them to be on the same page and fully aligned with your goals?

Your business success depends on your ability to align and develop the people who work for you. High-performance teams are built intentionally by leaders who understand the three essential components of growth: alignment, development, and transition.

TeamWork breaks each of these components down into actionable processes, with steps you can take immediately to start making a difference today. Learn how to create teams that work the way you want them to. Then, discover ways to scale those teams, keeping them aligned with your objectives—and with each other—as your business grows.

If you want your teams to excel, TeamWork can fast-track your path to a winning business with a thriving culture.

Press & Praise

Grant Cardone, real estate mogul and author of the New York Times bestseller The 10X Rule

No great business was built alone. You need a team to 10X your business, and TeamWork gives you the roadmap for scaling your team.

Sharon Lechter, co-author of New York Times bestsellers Rich Dad Poor Dad and Exit Rich

The culture of your organization is created either by design or default. In TeamWork, Natalie Dawson shares how to create a culture by design so you can attract the right fabulous people, create an exciting work environment, and build an incredible company. Business truly is a team sport. Natalie shows you how to create the right team!

Paul Wille, Chief Operating Officer at Wunderman Thompson

TeamWork is a must-read for all leaders who want to create a winning culture.

Natalie Dawson is an expert in developing people and building scalable teams. She has interviewed, hired, trained, and led thousands of employees over the course of her career, most recently as Executive Vice President and Partner of Cardone Ventures, a management consulting, joint ventures, and private equity firm that helps business owners achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals through the growth of their businesses. Her specialty lies in aligning employees with business objectives—for measurable returns on investment.

Having attended the London School of Economics, Natalie uses her unique blend of operational and financial skill sets to oversee eight-figure operating budgets by inspiring and aligning the people who drive them.

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