Stream Theory

Dmitriy Neganov

Managers’ decisions and priorities can make or break a company, as shown by the collapse of industry leaders such as Circuit City and Westinghouse Electric Company. This is because managers aren’t really there to manage, but to navigateIt’s the navigator’s job to lead the team—and by extension, the company—to success.

Many different management methodologies exist today, but even the most popular ones have limitations, especially when applied at the enterprise level. Stream Theory offers an innovative framework to achieve breakthrough results.

Stream Theory shows you the shortcomings of common methodologies such as Agile and Google’s OKR framework and introduces ways to adapt them that prioritizes your company’s greatest asset: employees. Dmitriy Neganov equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to optimize company purpose, direction, and engagement—all keys to leading an employee-centric organization and ensuring long-term organizational sustainability while meeting the core needs of stakeholders.

Dmitriy Neganov, MBA is a management consultant and leader dedicated to helping companies plan and implement complex changes. Dmitriy specializes in guiding organizations through risky and urgent projects such as business transformations and mergers and acquisitions. He offers traditional and custom solutions to client problems and ensures they deliver measurable and lasting value.

Dmitriy designs, plans, and manages change across enterprises. He has deep knowledge of operations, finance, HR, IT, and PMO functions and has attained PMP and Agile certifications. His background includes mechanical engineering and information systems, with a career spanning more than sixty successful projects across a dozen industries.

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