SIMPLE Scaling

Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin

SIMPLE Scaling provides the tools to do what so few startups ever manage to do: break free of the gravitational pull of the everyday and shoot for the stars.

In clear, unambiguous prose, the ten principles within these pages offer all the knowledge you need to achieve scale—from developing a scale-up psyche to establishing your purpose, sourcing the right people, planning, and implementing repeatable performance to fuel 10x growth.

This comprehensive, down-to-earth guide will walk you through each stage of the scaling process in one elegant, integrated framework, showing you how to overcome all the challenges you’ll meet along the way.

If you want to scale your business, SIMPLE Scaling is your source code. Written by business leaders who have been there and done that, it’s the only book you need to beat the odds.

Press & Praise

Sebastien Tondeur, Chief Executive Officer at MCI Group

As a leader, a manager, or an entrepreneur, SIMPLE Scaling is THE book to start your scaleup journey with. Brendan and Claire have compiled a book that pragmatically covers the key principles from business leaders who have been there and done it. It's in my 'best of' library.

Michael J. Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: 7 Steps to Genius Every Day

It's one thing to cook a nice meal for a few friends, and another to prepare a feast for twelve at the holidays, but then it's altogether different to try it for twenty-four or more. As you scale up, the challenge of preparing the meal becomes exponentially more difficult. The same is true in business. If you want to successfully cater large gatherings, then you need guidance from a top professional caterer. And if you want to take your enterprise to higher levels of success and prosperity, then SIMPLE Scaling: 10 Proven Principles to 10x Your Business is the manual for you! In this engaging, energizing, and practical book, Brendan McGurgan and Claire Colvin provide the recipes and techniques you need to grow and succeed.

Adam Hale, Chairman of ScaleUp Institute, three technology scale-ups, and Thames Valley Technology. Former CEO of Fairsail, a SaaS scale-up, and author of "Lobster Tales," the story of the scale-up

Scaling a business looks great from the outside: shiny success; lots of growth, excitement, and change. The reality inside is different; scaling is hard. It needs high-quality work with every customer, product, team member, and partner. Success is about learning from others, particularly the 'spilt blood' of what went wrong, so you don't suffer the same way. It's also about sharing stories of how to inspire a team to change the world. This book has both, with a consistent focus on purpose and people, which I love. Every business is different, but this book has some common themes and real stories that will help you. Oh yes, and it made me laugh too, always a good thing.

Brendan McGurgan is a global business leader who builds profitable, scalable businesses by delivering on his strong personal belief that anything is possible. Over seventeen years, twelve as CEO of CDE Group, he helped the company achieve 25x revenue growth and become an industry leader.

Claire Colvin is a highly experienced Talent Leader and partner of scaling CEOs, building the right culture and people-centered systems to accelerate the scaling process. The former Talent Director on the Board of CDE and qualified with a master’s degree in HRM, she draws on twenty-five years’ experience in high-growth SMEs, global organizations, and major UK PLCs.

Together, they co-founded Simple Scaling and developed the ScaleX™ Accelerator Program to inspire, connect, and enable ambitious leaders of SMEs to scale with purpose. Learn more at

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