Skin Sobering

Adam Apps

Most sales leaders struggle to motivate their teams and deliver sustainable results. Great sales leaders make it look easy while others never figure it out. Ineffective sales leaders may resort to desperate tactics that damage careers, wreck team cultures, and scare great people away from leadership opportunities.

In Shitty Sales Leaders: And How to Not Be One, sales veteran Adam Apps shares an actionable template to help you gain followership while acquiring, building, and running high-performing sales teams. When armed with the right tools, anyone can be an effective sales leader.

Ineffective sales leaders might deliver short-term results at the expense of those around them, but their approach is never sustainable. No one wants to follow that kind of leader. Shitty Sales Leaders: And How to Not Be One equips you with proven best practices from great leaders to elevate your game and become a truly exceptional sales leader.

Adam Apps is a sales leader for a data management company in Silicon Valley. Adam has over twenty years of experience working in high-tech sales and is recognized as a thought leader, career coach, mentor, and author in the industry. He has led teams at some of the largest tech companies in the world, including Cisco Systems. He also helped earlier-stage tech companies such as Pure Storage transform underperforming teams into top-performing, cohesive units driving toward sustained double digit growth. Adam serves as a nonprofit board member and lives in New Jersey with his wife, Meredith, and his son, Adam George.

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