Promotions Made Easy

Stacy Mayer

Do you know what it’s really going to take to land your next promotion?

Most corporate leaders don’t. They fall into the trap of believing promotions are rewards for hard work. But they aren’t. Not at the executive level. The truth is, there’s a missing piece between where you are today and where you want to go in your career that hard work (fortunately) can’t fix.

In Promotions Made EasyStacy Mayer lays out a step-by-step process to turn this missing piece into a springboard for your next promotion—and the promotion after that, and the one after that, all the way to the C-suite.

So if you want to step into a higher leadership position, if you want to receive the recognition you deserve, if you want to get paid for your ideas instead of the hours you put in at work and enjoy more time, freedom, energy, and joy, this book is for you.

With Promotions Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Executive Suite, your next promotion is completely within your control.

Press & Praise

John Gray, bestselling relationship author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Faith is the trust that what you want is coming to you. And Promotions Made Easy provides the framework to have faith that you can be promoted and gives you the practical tools to get there.

Trudy Bourgeois, author of Equality: Courageous Conversations About Women, Men, and Race to Spark a Diversity and Inclusion Breakthrough

Stacy is redefining women's leadership where 'high potential' is no longer an acceptable job title and the leadership table more accurately reflects the world we live in. Any leader who is serious about sustained business success will benefit from the pearls of wisdom in this book.

Scott Jeffrey Miller, Senior Advisor for Thought Leadership at FranklinCovey and host of world's largest leadership podcast, On Leadership

Many corporate leaders get stuck transitioning into senior executive leadership not because they aren't qualified but because they don't know what it's really going to take to get there. Promotions Made Easy gives you those answers.

Stacy Mayer is a Certified Executive Coach, a Promotion Strategist, a mother, a wife, and the creator of Executive Ahead of Time™, a program she founded to help women get promoted into the executive suite on their terms.

Her vision is to bring more diversity to leadership by empowering women to take ownership of their careers and claim a real voice at the table.

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