Planet A

George Nasr

How do we sustain infinite growth on a finite planet?

Expand the planet.

In Planet A, George J. Nasr offers an illuminating look at four simple keys that can unlock a sustainable path and empower a regenerative economy.

Modern civilization is like a superorganism. Its systems evolve and adapt to thrive in specific environments. But that’s exactly the problem: we often build for the wrong environment. With cheap energy, we force our will on nature. We’ve created an economy with no incentive for sustainability. Now, energy is no longer cheap. We need to be more nimble, more realistic.

Today, we stand at a crossroads in our development, and the changing climate is the least of our worries. But we can still build our future on a sustainable foundation if we design our systems to regenerate the environment. Our economic ecosystem can add to the planet and to the life around it.

Fortunately, the four simple keys outlined in Planet A can move us forward into regenerative development with sustainable value chains of energy, water, and resources. Together, they can change everything.

George J. Nasr is an engineer working on sustainable development, green energy, and the management of systemic risks. Forever curious about the world, George follows a cross-disciplinary approach to observe and understand the interaction of complex human structures, all from a systems engineering perspective.

His work draws from a broad range of scientific and technical topics in both social and political contexts. George is also a painter and avid reader.

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