Optimizing the Financial Lives of Clients

Paul Saganey, Russ Alan Prince, and Homer Smith

The hours and costs to increase revenue within a service-based accounting firm can pile up fast. So many tools, formulas, and schemes miss the mark. So be warned: what financial thought leaders Russ Alan PrinceHomer Smith, and Paul Saganey share in this book is not for everyone.

Their method to uncover additional opportunities, offer more services, and develop recurring revenue is elite. It optimizes the financial lives of clients and keeps the accountant at the center of the process.

With the expertise inside these pages, managing partners can position accounting firms for long-term success. But you must commit to the Four Core Principles and Everyone Wins Process of elite wealth management.

Go deep with client relationships. Deliver exceptional value. Grow with elegant simplicity. This is elite.

For more than twenty-five years, Paul Saganey of Integrated Partners has been directing traffic at the intersection of financial planning, wealth management, and CPAs.

Russ Alan Prince is the Executive Director of Private Wealth magazine and one of the leading authorities in the private wealth industry.

Homer Smith is a Private Wealth Advisor with over twenty years of industry experience dedicated to working with business owners and families of wealth with complex financial planning needs.

Their combined experience inside this book brings together the best processes and systems to truly differentiate and grow an accounting firm.

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