Never Alone

Jacqueline Golding

What if you had always felt alone, all your life?

Maybe you had parents. And a home. Maybe even a family and kids. But still, what if you never felt like enough until you truly woke up? Until you accepted how broken you were?

Never Alone follows the thought-provoking journey of Jax Golding—a twice-divorced mum, accomplished journalist, gallery owner, and life coach. By all accounts, she was successful and happy—until she wasn’t.

As she looks back on the various stages of her life, rifling through old pain, disappointments, and transactional relationships, an ordinary woman discovers extraordinary grace, realising that Spirit has propelled her every step of the way.

Finding purpose amidst the chaos, daring to live authentically despite the frowns and gossip, and facing the challenges of life head on, the freedom she ultimately finds is exhilarating, the blessings abundant, and the grace humbling.

Jax (Jacquie) Golding is a wellness and holistic life coach @staywokeandbreathe and an African Gallery owner @jaxmargallery. A devoted mother of four, she was raised during the Apartheid era by lower-middle-class parents. Fortunate enough to be a journalist during South Africa’s first democratic all-race elections, she cast her very first vote alongside the general secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers, Cyril Ramaphosa, who would become the country’s president and lead the nation through the COVID pandemic.

A restless soul in search of adventure, Jax wandered the globe, balancing her career while raising her family, from South Africa to China to the United Kingdom, before realising her true potential and North Node soul’s mission.

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