Eli Wehbe

Eli Wehbe lived at the white-hot center of Los Angeles nightlife. More than a decade of hustle, scramble, and hard work put him at the pinnacle of the life he always wanted: celebrity friends, beautiful women, fast cars, popularity—and plenty of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. He achieved his dream—and it left him empty. Then, a tragedy threatened to destroy him and everything he worked for.

In this raw, honest, and vulnerable memoir, one of America’s nightclub greats—a man who literally had his name in lights in Hollywood—shares his story and reveals the naked truth behind Los Angeles after dark. Riveting from first page to last, Mask describes the backstabbing, insecurities, and hollowness that drive the nightclub business and the people within it.

After plunging to the depths of despair, Eli refused to give up, embarking on a profound journey of self-discovery and reinvention. Mask chronicles his ultimate odyssey from teen outcast to Hollywood mogul to extreme athletic achievement—an inspiring American story of creation, failure, and redemption.

Today, Eli Wehbe is a global media influencer, inspiring countless individuals around the world to believe in the power of their own resilience. Unapologetically authentic, Eli challenges himself beyond his physical limits over and over, proving that consistency, discipline, and voluntary suffering are essential in the journey to personal growth.

He openly shares his ideology, training, and 180-degree transformation to help others find the courage to live more honestly within themselves—and to help them see that they too can come back from anything. Connect with him on Instagram @eliwehbe.

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