Make Peace or Die: A Life of Service, Leadership, and Nightmares

Charles U. Daly

An Irishman in the U.S Marine Corps, Charles U. Daly thinks fighting in Korea will be an adventure and a way to live up to a family tradition of service and soldiering. He comes home decorated, wounded, and traumatized, wondering what’s next. His quest for a new mission will take him to JFK’s White House, Bobby Kennedy’s fateful campaign, the troubles in Northern Ireland, and a South African township devastated by the AIDS epidemic. Chuck’s life is a true story of living up to Kennedy’s challenge to “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

At every juncture, he’s had two options: make peace or die. Daly chose to make peace with his fate every time, and that decision led him to a remarkable life of service.

Press & Praise

Steven Pressfield, Bestselling Author of Gates of Fire and The War of Art

"This is the kind of book I love--a true-life memoir of a man who lived (and is still living) a multi-dimensional life of war, love, family, and service ... and who writes about it like a bandit. When I finished the book, I couldn't help asking myself on behalf of our country, 'Where are the men like Charles Daly NOW?' I love books like Mr. Daly's because they give us a model to aspire to. And they're tremendous fun to read. His story and the fluent, hold-nothing-back style he uses to tell it, stand with the best of the best. Semper Fi!"

Major General Michael R. Lehnert, USMC

"Chuck Daly is an American original. After his terrible and heroic days in Korea, he lived to make this country a better place."

Dr. Christiana Spens, Irish Times Contributor, Author of The Portrayal and Punishment of Terrorists in Western Media

"Make Peace or Die is a moving, exhilarating, and invaluable record of a fascinating chapter in global history, told with incredible personal detail, true compassion, and reverence. Illuminating the brutality and terror of war, as well as the bravery and camaraderie conjured to endure it, this is a beautifully told and inspiring memoir."

Charles U. Daly is the last living member of John F. Kennedy’s West Wing congressional liaison staff. Before that, he led a Marine rifle platoon through some of the most intense combat of the Korean war and was awarded a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. He helped run several American institutions including the University of Chicago, Harvard, and the JFK Presidential Library. He has four sons, ages 28 to 69, and lives on Cape Cod with his wife, Christine. He attributes his long life to tennis, red wine, and Viagra.

Charlie Daly is a freelance writer. He worked on this book as his father’s writing partner. These pages are but a small excerpt from their many tearful and joyous conversations.

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