Love Magnet

Morgan Anderson

Why are other people lucky in love, while you’re stuck with short-term strikeouts? Do your relationships fall into painfully predictable patterns, always ending in heartache? Have you secretly suspected that you’re doomed to lead a lonely life?

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re not at fault! You deserve to love and be loved. In Love MagnetDr. Morgan takes you on a journey of discovery that will transform the way you see yourself, empowering you to develop the healthy, stable, resilient relationships you desire.

You’ll learn how to wipe your slate clean of empty hookups and emotionally draining dates. Discover the secret of an exciting new relationship template that enables you to effortlessly attract the relationship of your dreams. Get ready to invest in yourself. Get ready to attract the long-term, supportive relationships you crave. Get ready to become a securely attached, confident love magnet!

Press & Praise

Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Expert, Author

Dr. Morgan is an expert in attachment theory and helping people improve their relationships. Her easy-to-follow framework for becoming securely attached and attracting a great relationship is a needed book on any single person's bookshelf.

Dr. Morgan Francis, Clinical Psychologist and Body Image Expert

Dr. Morgan is a down-to-earth clinical psychologist and relationship expert. She is the kind of therapist I wish I had when I was struggling in finding love. Her direct yet compassionate approach is the type of coaching we all need in attracting our soul mate.

Dr. Morgan Cutlip, Clinical Psychologist and Couples Expert

Dr. Morgan is a trusted expert on attachment theory and wrote an honest and relatable book that will help anyone looking to heal themselves and find love.

Dr. Morgan is a clinical psychologist who has dedicated her career to understanding the science of love and connection. An attachment theory expert and relationship thought leader, Dr. Morgan is the host of the Let’s Get Vulnerable podcast and founder of the Empowered-Secure-Loved Relationship Program. She has spent more than a decade helping women heal and find love through transformation and healing frameworks. She is on a mission to help as many women as possible have high self-worth and great relationships. Connect with Dr. Morgan at, follow @drmorgancoaching on Instagram, and find the Let’s Get Vulnerable podcast anywhere podcasts are aired.

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