Live Long, Live Well

Laurie Blanscet

As a board-certified family physician, Dr. Laurie Blanscet soon realized that traditional medical care was not about preventing problems. It was about waiting for problems to happen.

She experienced this firsthand in 2006 when she almost died after a “routine” surgery at the age of 38.

As she fought her way back from the brink of death, weak and bedridden, she dedicated herself to researching a better way to live—promoting optimal health from within.

In Live Long, Live Well, Dr. Blanscet shares what she discovered, revealing the seven components of ultimate wellness, no matter your age.

If you are tired of feeling unwell or just want to start feeling your best, reclaim your optimal health and vitality today with these simple steps you can take immediately to feel better, look better, live long, and live well.

Dr. Blanscet is board certified in family medicine and integrative medicine and has a PhD in hypnotherapy and a MSHPE in health education. She has practiced medicine in Southern California since 1999 and offers training for other medical practitioners who want to transition their office to an integrative practice.

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