Lona Cook

Are you ready to reclaim your true self? Like, really ready to change and shed the baggage?

Lona Cook wasn’t until she couldn’t ignore change any longer. A literal gun to the chest.

Maybe you don’t even register that you need to make changes to live authentically. Lona realized in hindsight that many of the changes that would empower her life had been staring at her for years. During her twenties, there were literal nudges from the Universe to “wake up” around every corner. But, for the most part, she was tone-deaf to them.

A holdup at gunpoint in Costa Rica was the beginning—cracking open some light to look at life differently.

Now, Lona shares that message in Reclamation, helping you see your life—and your whole, true self—through a new lens. Learn to recognize what the Universe is telling you about who you are, what your purpose is, what you need, and where you’re going.

Reclaim your power. Reclaim your joy. Reclaim your life.

Lona Cook is an author, a chiropractor, and a firm believer in personal growth and holistic health. A thriving entrepreneur, she has been practicing since 2010 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband and two sons.

Her greatest passion lies in helping others recognize the Intelligence in their mind, body, and spirit, so they can apply that innate guidance throughout their lives and reach their own highest potential.

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