House Poor No More

Romana King

There are plenty of books on how to buy, sell, or invest in real estate. But there isn’t one that brings together homeownership with money management investing and retirement planning. This is that book.” — Bruce Sellery, author of Moolala and CEO of Credit Canada

This Canadian handbook for smart homeownership explains how to…

Proactively maintain your home
Increase property value with smart renos
Reduce monthly expenses
Take advantage of debt
Live life as a happy homeowner

What this book will give you

Just because you buy a home—or buy stock or save money—doesn’t make you smart. It’s what you do with the asset—whether it’s a home or stock purchase or savings in some account—that is smart. It’s whether the asset ends up being an investment that works to grow your net worth or just an expensive product you own.

What you’ll find in this book are strategies for maintaining, protecting and increasing the value of your home, while finding small and bigs ways to save money. Broken down into eight steps, with the final ninth step that wraps up what we’ve learned.

Press & Praise

Bruce Sellery, author of Moolala and CEO of Credit Canada

There are plenty of books on how to buy, sell or invest in real estate. There isn’t one that brings together homeownership with money management, investing and retirement planning. This is that book.

Alyssa Davies, author of The 100-Day Financial Goal Journal and MixUpMoney

House Poor No More is the perfect handbook to prepare yourself as a homeowner. After reading House Poor No More, I know what renovations are worth the investment and how to prioritize maintenance, plus so many other homeownership secrets you could never find with a Google search or internet-deep-dive. Romana King's 20 years of real estate experience and homeownership knowledge are pared down into digestible takeaways extremely valuable for the average homeowner.

Rita Silvan, former Editor-in-Chief at ELLE CANADA and Golden Girl Finance

Romana King offers readers important tools for making strategic real estate decisions. She shows how to fulfil our emotional desire for homeownership while also building long-term wealth — without having to pinch our lifestyle or compromise other financial goals.

Romana King is an award-winning personal finance columnist and the Director of Content at Zolo, one of the most popular online real estate companies in Canada. For over two decades, she’s advised homebuyers, sellers, and investors on how to make strategic, smart real estate decisions.

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