Hacking Lyme Disease

Cristina Randall

Lyme disease is a complex condition that affects millions of people across the globe annually. Known as “a great imitator,” this confusing disease is often misdiagnosed as a myriad of other illnesses, leading to even more hardship on an already difficult path to healing.

Many who suffer from Lyme and co-infections resign themselves to a debilitating health outcome, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are tools available to help you take your health back into your own hands and recover.

Hacking Lyme Disease is the resource Cristina Randall wishes she’d had when she was diagnosed with Lyme. With information curated from hundreds of conversations with experts—including immunologists, naturopaths, neurologists, and biohackers—and knowledge gained from courses and firsthand experimentation, this book guides you through the author’s experience of regaining her health and provides practical tips to demystify and navigate this complex and controversial disease in your own life.

Cristina Randall is a tech entrepreneur who contracted Lyme disease on a camping trip in 2018. After the conventional medical community failed to help her recover, she dedicated all of her energy to trying different methods of healing and started compiling her own notes for treating Lyme.

Now on the other side of illness, she’s decided to publish those notes to help others like her. Today, she feels she has a new lease on life and continues to study health and wellness topics. She will use the proceeds from Hacking Lyme Disease to fund independent Lyme research, specifically in the area of diagnostic tests.

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