Get It: Five Steps to the Sex, Salary and Success You Want

AmyK Hutchens

Life happens one conversation at a time, and almost everything you want is on the other side of a tough conversation. The problem? Communication is hard. You were born with a voice box, but it didn’t come with instructions on how best to use it.

That changes now. Communications expert AmyK Hutchens shares how to confidently and competently navigate your toughest conversations without saying something you regret, giving your power away, or damaging your relationships. In Get It, you’ll learn:

  • Magical phrases that effectively break down walls and create new possibilities
  • How to prepare for your most important conversations to ensure highly profitable outcomes
  • What to say and how to say it when someone is rude, egregious, or all up in your grill
  • How to create connection with others instead of indulging in power plays
  • How to honor the worth of your own voice

Get It is more than just a how-to book—it’s a beautiful and brilliant way to get the sex, salary, and success you desire, one conversation at a time.

Grab your copy now and start getting what you want.

Press & Praise

Jordan Harbinger, Host of The Jordan Harbinger Show

"A fast, fun read from a brilliant wiseass!"

Ali Velshi, Host, MSNBC

"AmyK gets that life is about possibility. With this book, she inspires and instructs you--very specifically--about creating, capturing, and executing on possibility in your own life and career."

Kirkus Reviews

"Hutchens writes with likable vigor... [her] repeated emphasis on getting across your ideas more clearly, whether you're conversing with a boss, a neighbor, your spouse, or your kid's coach," is refreshing, as are her reminders to use humor to defuse tense situations. The book's interactive elements will encourage readers to step back and look at the world in proactive terms, and the author's plainspoken clarity drives home the point that everyone possesses the tools to improve their existence. A useful and motivational guide to achieving goals through conversation."

AmyK Hutchens

AmyK Hutchens is an international award-winning speaker, Amazon bestselling author, and has over nineteen years of experience in training and consulting with clients such as The Home Depot, Starbucks Canada, Comerica Bank, Expedia, Lockheed Martin, Securian Financial, Walmart, John Paul Mitchell Systems, and hundreds more. AmyK travels the globe sharing with executives, influencers, and go-getters how to navigate their toughest conversations. AmyK received her MS from Johns Hopkins University, and has been a featured guest on numerous TV and radio networks including Bloomberg, NBC, Fox, and ABC. She resides in San Diego, California.



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