Finding Your Financial Advisor

Drew Richey and Shawn Perry

Choosing how to obtain financial advice, especially during a major life transition, can feel overwhelming. The reason for this book is simple:

To help you understand the basics of the financial services industry and confidently hire a wealth management team that best suits the needs of your family.

In sixty minutes or less, we’ll explain why you need to take ownership over your own financial circumstances, lay out the minimum standards for hiring a financial advisor, and show you what a core-value approach to wealth management looks like.

The decision you make in hiring an advisor extends beyond your immediate needs into the future well-being of your family and your legacy. It can be an emotional choice, and your own comfort, confidence, and trust should often be the deciding factors. Our carefully constructed tools will walk you through your pre-meeting preparation as well as your advisor interviews and help you debrief each meeting and make a final decision.

Our wealth management team is based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and serves clients across the nation. Over the last two decades, we have strategically built a diverse, multigenerational team of professionals with varied specializations, designed to deliver a core-value wealth management experience. Above all else, we believe in wisdom, discipline, humility, and transparency in the wealth management process.

We have helped hundreds of clients through a wide range of life transitions, and our mission is to shed light on the biggest challenges people face when hiring a financial advisor. This book has been carefully crafted to help you confidently navigate these challenges.

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