Emotional Intelligence 3.0

Tomi Bryan

You are a magical, creative ball of energy pretending you aren’t.

Every human being is born with unlimited creative energy—then life marks us up with red ink, teaching us who we’re supposed to be instead of who we really are. Before we know it, our greatest birthright has been crossed out, leaving most of us believing, “It’s not safe to be who I am.”

But living your life by that lie won’t help you reach your dreams. Instead, it keeps you playing small in a really big universe. That stops today.

Emotional Intelligence 3.0 offers a time-tested, proven method for reclaiming your unlimited power of creation. Learn step by step how to reawaken your magic, discover how far you’ve already come, and accelerate your journey with purpose and intention.

Think your dreams are hard to achieve? Think again. Every door along your path is standing wide open. Walk through them all with Dr. Tomi White Bryan, starting right now!

Press & Praise

Dr. Paula Butterfield, nationally celebrated psychologist and award-winning teacher, author, and coach

Dr. Bryan offers an elegant model for understanding what shapes our emotional development and intelligence and a system for creating emotional balance in our lives. Whether you're a coach looking to help your clients or a seeker looking for greater emotional balance in life, this book is a trustworthy guide.

Shahmeen Sadiq, master certified coach and author of Heart Matters: A Poetic Revolution of Truth, Healing, and Belonging

Dr. Tomi White Bryan shares a powerful model and process to heal from the inescapable bruised emotional imprints of our childhood circumstances. See yourself, love yourself, and allow yourself to move toward Presenced Wholeness, the birthright of every human being, with Dr. Tomi as your wise and heartfelt guide.

Gail Cutter, certified professional coach

We, or our coaching clients, may make progress in the emotional journey but wonder why it does not bring the change we seek. Tomi Bryan's modality is comprehensive and nuanced; it reveals and explores pieces of the puzzle we didn't know we were missing. She has forged a revolutionary new path in emotional intelligence.

Dr. Tomi White Bryan has long been fascinated with creating maps and tools that simplify the complexities of life. She has used these tools to become a lawyer, university professor, compliance and leadership consultant, executive coach, and senior leader in two global organizations. She has written four other self-help books, three of them under the pen name Tomi Llama.

An avid learner, she believes life is a grand adventure. When she isn’t sitting on the back porch of her North Carolina home with her tennis-loving husband and tennis-ball-fetching black lab, she enjoys her latest career as a coach, keynote speaker, and facilitator. Connect with her at tomibryan.com.

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