Don’t Digitise Your Rubbish

Andy Sherring

The mining industry has a problem. It has worthy aspirations for high technology, digitisation, and a progressive performance culture, but it lacks the necessary operating platform to support and enable this. Despite its many successes in a tough working environment, the industry is experiencing declining productivity, and most businesses struggle to achieve stable, predictable operations and continuous, sustainable improvement.

In Don’t Digitise Your RubbishAndy Sherring explains what lies behind this paradox—why it has occurred; why it is such an important issue right now; what is missing; and how to go about fixing it—presenting a fundamentally better way of setting up operations for short-term and long-term success.

Built on Sherring’s extensive thought-leadership in this space, this is the mining industry’s definitive book about integration and using it as the vehicle for transformational change. It is an essential step for any business aspiring to true operational excellence. And anyone who is planning for a digital future should read this first.

Press & Praise

Sam Walsh, former CEO of Rio Tinto

This book addresses the key platforms of transformational change that the mining industry needs to make, and must make, to retain its international competitiveness.

Jeff Dawes, CEO of Komatsu Mining Corp

Andy addresses the challenges we all face in taking our business to the next level. He provides answers and real solutions, which I can testify, do work!

Lucky Kgatle, Senior Vice President of Sasol Mining

Integrated Operations has become Sasol Mining's mantra and given our operations a backbone we never had before—a structured, transparent, and disciplined approach, pulling us together in the same direction. This is just what our industry needs.

Andy Sherring is an industry-leading expert on integrated operations and a founding partner and CEO of NextGenOpX, a management consulting company specialising in integration. A key thinker on the next generation operating platform, Sherring has played a pioneering role in many ground-breaking new initiatives, including leading the design and delivery of the Rio Tinto Operations Centre in Perth, the first of its kind in the world. He has developed a unique and comprehensive approach to helping businesses integrate their operations more effectively, built around an intimate understanding of operations and organisational culture from forty years of diverse global mining experience. Learn more at

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