Brand Primacy

Cory Schmidt

How do top tech companies generate billions in sales with only small marketing budgets? The same way they capture millions of organic website visitors with content marketing. Brand Primacy.

There exists an SEO red carpet that leads to exponential brand growth. And, believe it or not, Google has rolled that carpet out at your feet. All you have to do is take the first step.

In Brand Primacy, you’ll learn how to pair a solid SEO strategy with the perfect content to attract thousands of organic leads and convert them into sales. Move up in Google’s rankings for your most valuable search terms and beat out the competition, reducing your cost of acquisition while dramatically increasing your revenue.

Google has given brands a great spot at the SEO table. Pull up a chair, join the banquet, and feast on your share of the pie.

Cory Schmidt is a globally trained expert in the SEO field, taking companies to the top Google search ranking promised land using his unique Brand Primacy model. A frequent speaker at marketing, sales, web development, and SEO seminars, Schmidt is known throughout the tech world as a marketing and sales leader.

When he’s not finding innovative ways to disrupt the world of marketing, he likes to travel, read, and, of course, write.

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