Beyond Se Habla Español

Natalie Fragkouli and Liel Levy

The Hispanic community is one of the fastest-growing legal markets in the country. Unfortunately, most lawyers struggle to approach it, clinging to stereotypes of cultural clichés, language barriers, and outdated technology.

In fact, the Hispanic market consists of a vibrant, diverse group of people who encounter an equally diverse mix of legal issues in their daily lives.

Like anyone else, they want to be represented by someone who will fight for them.

If your law firm is looking to expand, your local Hispanic market offers significant opportunity, but only if you know how to reach it.

Learn how to make your firm the best, most relevant choice for the Hispanic community. Discover the most effective digital strategies for reaching this target audience while avoiding your competitors’ mistakes.

Beyond Se Habla Español provides all the insights you need to build a cost-effective, revenue-generating, competitor-proof marketing strategy for the modern American law firm.

Press & Praise

Mario Davila, Attorney, Mario Davila Law

"Nanato Media has supercharged our online presence. We market exclusively to Hispanic audiences and have tried vendors that didn't understand the culture, but Nanato Media was the right choice to help increase our digital leads with the type of clients we target in a way that is authentic to them and us."

David L. Sanchez, Attorney, Trujillo & Sanchez, P.C.

"PPC marketing has always been a challenge for us. We spent a lot of money but never seemed to see a lot of leads. Working with Nanato Media has now become the centerpiece of our marketing approach."

Alonzo Campos, Attorney, The Law Office of Alonzo Campos

"Before Natalie and Liel, our firm never had a positive experience with SEO and PPC agencies. That all changed when we made the leap and took a chance. Our firm is consistently receiving real, qualified leads! This decision has been a game-changer for my firm, and I cannot thank them enough."

Natalie Fragkouli, Head of Digital at Nanato Media, is a former corporate strategy and business marketing lecturer at the University of West London in the UK. With over ten years of experience in legal marketing, building and managing in-house teams, Natalie is a frequent guest at conferences like Google Marketing Live, an invitation-only gathering for top Google Ads experts.

Liel Levy, Head of Partnerships at Nanato Media, is also the co-host of In Camera Podcast, a weekly podcast dedicated to legal marketing. He has conducted several workshops at Google Austin as part of the Google Digital Coaches program, which helps local Hispanic and Black small-business owners leverage the power of Google and digital platforms.

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