Adapt or Die: Your Survival Guide to Modern Warehouse Automation

Jeremy Bodenhamer

If you sell physical products, warehousing and shipping costs can make or break your business.

But most companies treat order fulfillment like an afterthought, running headlong toward a future in which they won’t be able to compete with marketplace giants.

In Adapt or DieJeremy Bodenhamer paints a compelling picture of waste and lost profits, including case studies in which one wrong move in something as simple as packaging can send a company into the red.

Fortunately, there’s a better way. By embracing end-to-end automation, companies can ensure that every item sold is shipped quickly and efficiently, in the smallest possible package, through the best-priced carrier, restoring critical savings to your bottom line.

And you don’t have to be Amazon to do it.

Whether you’re an e-commerce executive, retailer, manufacturer, or distributor, pick up Adapt or Die to learn how small to mid-sized businesses are taking on the five giants of the shipping industry—and winning.

Press & Praise

Bill Davidow, Author of The Autonomous Revolution--Reclaiming the Future We've Sold to Machines

"Change is coming. A change so sweeping and complete as to be unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Today's e-commerce companies need to be prepared, and this is their guide."

Alexei Andreev, PhD, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures

"Written by an industry practitioner, this book is an insightful masterpiece showing that proper shipment and warehousing strategies are essential for scaling any physical good company beyond a cottage business. In the age of e-commerce Leviathans, it is truly 'Adapt or Die.'"

Ken Beyer, President, Commerce and Lifecycle Services at Ingram Micro

"Today's e-commerce brands can't compete without a scalable operations platform behind the 'Buy' button. Finally there is a book that brings focus and clarity to this essential component of e-commerce success."

Jeremy Bodenhamer is a leading expert at the intersection of shipping and e-commerce. He has been featured in Inc., TechCrunch, AOL, Fortune, Internet Retailer, and Entrepreneur; is a frequent speaker on innovation, technology, and logistics; and was a 2018 Supply Chain & Executive Pro to Know.

Jeremy is an active volunteer in the community, an avid Crossfitter and surfer, and champion of a company culture that promotes health, family, and happiness among employees. He lives in Santa Barbara with his wife–educator and youth advocate, Bethany Bodenhamer–and their three sons.

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