12 Laws of the Jungle

Dan Cleland

Your must-have machete for the jungle of entrepreneurship.

One month after Daniel Cleland scales his startup to seven figures, solidifying its rank in the top three ayahuasca healing centers in the world, COVID-19 obliterates the company’s revenues. He now has sixty days to find hundreds of thousands of dollars in survival funds or face extinction.

Racing against time, Cleland hacks his way through the proverbial (and sometimes literal) jungle one perilous step at a time. Walking the tightrope of zero revenues. Connecting to other high-profile entrepreneurs like Patrick Bet-David and Aubrey Marcus. Applying unorthodox tactics to prevent employee AWOLs. Staving off agonizing betrayals.

In his former debut, Pulse of the Jungle, Cleland described how the Peruvian jungle awakened him, expanding his mind with new insights into entrepreneurship. This time, unprecedented global lockdowns test him to the limit, revealing the twelve primal laws of entrepreneurial survival that kept him alive and thriving in an unforgiving market.

Press & Praise

Aubrey Marcus, founder of Onnit and New York Times bestselling author

Dan Cleland has achieved the primary goal of any heart-led entrepreneur. He has created a lasting business legacy in service of the good of all. For any who would seek to follow a similar path, his insights are invaluable.

Dr. Dennis McKenna PhD, ethnopharmacologist and author of Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss

I've advised Daniel and his company, Soltara, for the past few years and have always been able to count on their integrity in business. Daniel impressively navigated his company through the COVID crisis and has consistently been able to serve the community even in times of difficulty. Daniel and Soltara show what this world needs now-heart-centered, effective leaders who, in success, don't lose sight of their core mission: to improve the world we live in.

Brian Rose, Founder of London Real

Daniel's unique combination of startup adventures, real-time examples, and hard-earned tactical wisdom overload 12 Laws of the Jungle with value and transformational content for the reader. His business, Soltara, was pivotal in my own healing and strategic planning as an entrepreneur.

Daniel Cleland is CEO of Soltara Healing Center, which gained worldwide recognition in 2019 as THE preeminent Shipibo healing center outside Peru and is now regularly visited by the most prominent influencers, celebrities, and public figures. Cleland holds a Masters of Intercultural and International Communication, but he learned his hard-knock style of scaling from years of traveling, living, and hustling in the merciless Amazon jungles of South America. He is often referred to as The Indiana Jones of Entrepreneurship.Matthew Cartagena is a ghostwriter. He partners with entrepreneurs to turn their unique genius into legendary books. He invites you to email him at [email protected].

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